STD Test Express Review 2019- Is It Real Or Hype?

The honest Std Test Express review 2019 from the customer who get tested by std test express. Do they really provide a fast& affordable service? Let’s find out.

Update 2019:

STD Test Express is no longer provide at home std test. They are not accepting new customer. Don’t worry, Mylab box at home std kit is better than std test express. We recommend you to use mylab box kit for an std test.

STD is the acronym for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, that are transmitted through oral, vaginal or anal sex. Around 20 million new cases of STDs are reported each year in the United States.

A person is supposed to get tested for STD at least once or twice a year to prevent the spread of STD. Though the person may not show any symptoms of being infected by the STD, he may be infected, as the most common symptom of STD is not showing any symptoms at all, so it is very important to get tested for STD.

There are many STD testing services available in the market. The STD Test Express is one among the cornering STD testing services in the industry.

Let’s see how the STD Test Express Service works and what makes the STD Test Express service being recommended by its customers and why it is considered as one of the best.

How does STD Test Express work?

STD Test Express Review

In our Std Test Express review, we asked the patient about the service, we check company reviews and rating on the internet.
Our expert examined the quality of the service std test express provides.

STD Test Express let’s get it all done in just a few steps.

Four steps and you will get to know about your sexual health status.

And, the guidance is available from the start to finish.

  1. Medical Intake

Like any other medical intake upfront, the customer is asked to answer a few simple questions about their health for a better understanding of the problem by the doctor and the recommendation for the right test.

  1. Get Tested

Visit the nearest lab at your convenience without any hassle of making doctor’s appointment in advance.

  1. Access results

The typical STD test results may be received by the customer’s in around 3 business days, some other STD tests like HIV Early Detection may take up to 5 business days.

  1. Next steps

Destress yourself and take a long happy breath if you are free from infection and if the test result turns out to be positive, then no worries, you can connect with the available doctors and Care team for help and the follow-up care.

The service is available 24/7 for their customers.

What makes STD Test Express different from other STD testing Services?

Well, there are many STD testing services out there to get the customers to know about their sexual health status.

But what makes the STD Test Express stand out of the crowd?

Let’s have a quick look at the reasons that made the STD test Express service different from other services.

  1. Insurance accepted

While all the STD testing services provide multiple payment options such as credit cards, e-checks, gift cards etc., but they do not include the health insurance.

The STD Test Express is the only nationwide STD testing service that accepts Health Insurance.

  1. Nationwide lab Testing

The STD Test Express is spread across the nation with many lab testing centers.

  1. Confidential testing

The confidentiality of a customer’s test is maintained by PHI (Protected Health Information, that is any information related to your health is specifically related back to you and includes the past, present and future information related to your health condition, and, also how you receive care and how the care paid is looked upon.

The PHI is connected to a customer through their name, birthday and address.

  1. Fast Results

The STD Test Express will not make their customers wait for long to get to know their status.

The customers receive their results in approximately 3 business days or less.

Only when a customer is tested for “HIV Early Detection’ or “trichomoniasis”, then the results may take up to 5 business days.

  1. Safety and Security

Since the STD Test Express is an online STD testing service, for which the customer has to create an account and provide the details, there must be security concerns. Right?

But the STD Test Express has discreet communication and the customer’s accounts are completely secured.

  1. Speak to the people who care

When you get stuck in the middle or don’t exactly know where to start the process from, then there are STD Test Express Care Advisors available anytime at the customer service to guide them from the start to end.

  1. Doctor’s consult included

When your test results come back as positive, the STD Test Express medical team is available for the follow-up consults.

If the customers need care in their area, then the STD Test Express staff can even arrange for it for the customer’s convenience.

Why is it loved by the customers?

The quality and quantity of the service are the most crucial factors that matter the most to the customers.

Let’s look at what services have made the customers love STD Test Express services:

  1. Convenience of service

With STD Test Express, you can forget about making a doctor’s appointment weeks in advance.

To make their customer’s experience the best, this testing service leaves the customers with online testing or ordering of tests over the phone option.

The STD testing is done on the same day without any doctor’s appointment.

  1. Privacy of service

The customer’s privacy is taken seriously by STD Test Express services.

The service makes sure the customer’s test results are kept private and not displayed on any of the official documents like insurance record or permanent medical record without the customer’s concern.

Apart from the STD result, the privacy is also maintained during the customer’s visit to the test center, the lab screens for a variety of conditions are unrelated to STDs, so none in the waiting room will know why the specific customer is here.

The customer’s ID proof may be asked to verify that the staff is testing the correct individual.

In case the customer feels that his/her privacy is being compromised in the lab, then they call the Care Advisor at 1-888-625-5946.

  1. Speed of results

The typical or basic test results turn around in 72 hours or less.

Meanwhile, if a customer is looking for a clean bill of sexual health to start a new relationship then the customer’s required information is provided in an expedited time frame.

  1. Reasonable pricing

The STD Test Express’s most common STD testing Panel costs around $198, which is one of the most inexpensive prices for a full test panel in the market, while many other STD testing services charge up to $400 or more.

Since the STD Test Express accepts insurance, there are a large variety of plans, with an out of pocket cost of as low as $65.

  1. Flexible Payment options

The customer’s privacy and convenience are the first priority for this online STD testing service.

So, to let you make hassle-free payment, they provide multiple payment options along with the acceptance of insurance.

And, if a customer wishes to keep his STD test out of the insurance record then they are free to make the cash payment and no queries are made.

Or, if the customer wishes to use his insurance for STD testing, the service accepts a wide number of plans and providers.

  1. Driven by Doctors

To assure the customer is ordering for the right test, the medical intake is done.

You might have noticed the medical intake upfront if you have been to a doctor’s office anytime, a form is given to fill out the information for the better understanding of the patient’s problem by a doctor.

And that same thing is followed here as well by asking you to answer a few questions about your health so that you get doctor’s STD test recommendation regarding what kind of test you need.

  1. Peace of Mind

Not knowing your sexual health status is stressful and so is the positive STD test result.

So, it is always better to know about your sexual health before the condition gets worse, in case of positive result.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), every STD can be treated and many of them can also be cured.

In case of any questions regarding your test result, you can contact the Care Advisors or schedule a doctor’s consult for help, or you can also link to a local specialist in your area for the follow-up care.

STD Test Express makes sure that the customer is hundred percent satisfied with the services provided.

Bottom Line

You don’t need any reason to get tested for STD because it shows no symptoms and you may not even know that you are infected by an STD when you actually are.

So, getting yourself tested for STD at the earliest to prevent the situation from getting worse would be good for you and your partner.

Or by using protection condoms or latex for protected sex can also prevent you from getting infected by STD, after all, prevention is better than cure.

So, it’s time to take charge of your sex life and put an end to STD spread.

With STD Test Express, all it takes is just a few miles drive, a few minutes test and less wait for results to destress yourself by knowing the status of your sexual health.

Std Test Express review conclusion-Overall std test express is a reliable online std test service who provides confidential std check service.

Stay safe folks!

Std Test Express review conclusion-Overall std test express is a reliable online std test service who provides confidential std check service.

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